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Beginer problem

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:52 am
by RokO
i am new to RTOS way of programming. I am using IAR EWB with
IAR C/C++ Compiler for MSP430
V3.41A/W32 [Evaluation] (
My board is MSP430 uC is F2274.

I intstalled SALVO lite, however, i cannot compile any tutorial nor ex1. My error note is: LINKER error, page 17. (only my uC is MSP430)

I read AN 15 and followed the steps exactly. I tried with 3 Salvo libreries ( salvo-lite-msp430-3.2.3.exe, - V3 and also salvo-lite-msp430-4.0.2-rc2.exe V3)
Neither worked.
So when a use lib V3 from "" i got: "Error[e117]: Incompatible runtime models. Module idle specifies that '__rt_version' must be '2', but module main has the value '3'
" and when I used lib V3 from msp430-4.0.2-rc2.exe" i got "Error[e117]: Incompatible runtime models. Module salvoinit specifies that '__rt_version' must be '2', but module main has the value '3'"

Please help me with sending me a correct lib for my compiler or guide mo to solution. I also tried with latest IAR evolution and with latest IAR Kickstart - no success.
When I used salvo-lite-msp430-3.2.3.exe and an old IAR (3.2A) the project ex1 compiled, however in that version there is no support for my Developmend board

Thank you.

Re: Beginer problem

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:35 am
by aek

Re: Beginer problem

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