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config SYS* in main.h

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config SYS* in main.h

Postby aek » Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:34 am

Hi Sunny.

So it looks to me like you're trying to create your own Salvo project, and you're using code (*.c and/or *.h) from a pre-existing Salvo project. Also, you're using Microchip's MPLAB-C18 compiler.

In that case, you need to define the symbol SYSE on every such *.c file you copied (e.g. main.c, isr.c). You do not need to define this symbol for any Salvo source files (e.g. salvosrcmem.c).

Also, for Salvo Lite users, you'll need to define MAKE_WITH_FREE_LIB and apply it to all files in your project that include salvo.h, e.g. your main.c and salvosrcmem.c. That's because the salvocfg.h files in our projects need this symbol to be defined for Salvo Lite projects.

Note that if you create your own files completely from scratch, you don't need to define these symbols. We use these symbols because we have files (e.g. salvo ut u1main.c & main.h) that have to work on many different targets and compilers, and we use the C preprocessor to "activate" only the parts of code that we need for the particular target and/or compiler.



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Re: config SYS* in main.h

Postby sunny » Mon Mar 24, 2003 12:33 pm

Dear all,

I'm new in PIC and what to ask when can I define SYS* for main.h?

Deleting intermediary files... done.
Executing: "c:mcc18inc18demo.exe" -p=18F452 "main.c" -fo="main.o" /i"C:salvoinc" -Ot- -Ob-
./main.h:187: Undefined Salvo test system (SYS*). Definition required.
error 1 spawning c:mcc18incpp18
Halting build on first failure as requested.

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