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Problems with PICC-18 v8.11pl1 and Salvo libraries

If you're having difficulty installing Salvo, post it here.

Problems with PICC-18 v8.11pl1 and Salvo libraries

Postby Unregistered User » Thu Jan 10, 2002 2:35 am

I'm currently evaluating your freeware Salvo Lite, and I seem to be having problems, which are probably some misconfiguration on my part, but I can't seem to figure them out.

I try to link your sample tutorial 1 and I get the following errors.

Copyright (C) 1984-2001 HI-TECH SOFTWARE 
Serial number: HCPIC18-XXXX
c:salvolibrarysfp800aa.lib(idle.obj):7 :psect intsave_regs

> cannot be in classes COMRAM and BIGRAM (error)
> cannot be in classes COMRAM and BIGRAM (error)
c:salvolibrarysfp800aa.lib(util.obj):9 :psect intsave_regs
cannot be in classes COMRAM and BIGRAM (error)

I'm using a PIC18C452 and have tried all the 800x libraries with no success.

I have included, a copy of my salvocfg.h file as well.

At this point we're trying to determine if Salvo will fit our needs before
we actually buy the product, and your assistance in this would be extremely

helpful to us.

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Re: Problems with PICC-18 v8.11pl1 and Salvo libraries

Postby aek » Thu Jan 10, 2002 2:38 am

This seems to be a popular problem today ... :-)

We have reproduced your problem in the lab -- it appears to be due to differences between PICC-18 v8.11pl1 and the earlier PICC-18 version (v8.01pl1) that was used to generate the libraries. In other words, the version of PICC-18 you have is "ahead of" the Salvo v2.2 libraries, and the library format has changed. This is a bit surprising, but this is what we've found.

We need to put some thought into how we can solve this problem in an elegant way instead of having you wait for the next Salvo release (late Q1 2002). What we'll probably do is generate a set of v2.2-compatible sfp800xx.lib libraries using PICC-18 v8.11pl1, and put it on our web site for download as a v2.2 patch. We hope to have this fix ready by Monday, Jan. 14.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

P.S. Please not that when adapting Salvo projects for PICC to PICC-18, in salvocfg.h OSTARGET should be set to OSPIC18 and OSLOC_ALL should be set to nothing, or the PICC-18 type qualifier near. The next Salvo release will have complete PICC-18
projects included.


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