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Cannot open include file "salvo.h"

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:23 am
by mayank
Hi, I have been trying to build the tutorials provided with salvo. I have also tried building a new project as instructed in "an-26.pdf", but I keep getting the same error as under. Note that I HAVE added salvoinc to the project's "Include Path" under "Build Options".
I am using "MPLAB IDE Version" and "HI_TECH PICC-18 Toolsuite" on Windows2000.
Plz. help me at your earliest.

Executing: "C:HTSOFTPIC18BINPICC18.EXE" -C -E"mem.ase" "mem.c" -O"mem.obj" -Q -MPLAB -18C452 -O
Error[000] C:salvosrcmem.c 30 : Cannot open include file "salvo.h"
BUILD FAILED: Fri Mar 04 11:47:02 2005