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Win2000 setting.

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Win2000 setting.

Postby ChrisV » Fri Jan 26, 2001 2:14 am


In regards to the response by Matt on the Hi Tech forum, where axactly do you put the error configuration settings in "enviroment variables".


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Re: Win2000 setting.

Postby aek » Fri Jan 26, 2001 2:41 am

Here is how to get the error and warning output of PIC C and PICC-18 to work within MPLAB, in that you can double-click on the error/warning message and have MPLAB's editor automatically take you to the offending line of source code.

In Windows 2000 Pro, do either:

My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables ...


Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables ...

then in "User Variables for Userid" do:

New > Variable, enter HTC_ERR_FORMAT , OK
Variable Value, enter Error[] %f %l : %s , OK


New > Variable, enter HTC_WARN_FORMAT , OK
Variable Value, enter Warning[] %f %l : %s , OK

Then log off and log back on for these changes to take effect. You can see that they are in force by running the MS-DOS Prompt (C:WINNTsystem32command.com) and entering the SET command. Type EXIT to leave the MS-DOS command prompt.

Note that you must log off and log back on for these changes to take effect. If you change the environment variables without logging off and back on, MPLAB may behave strangely, like do nothing when you click on the error/warning message.

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