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Re: 2x OSSignalBinSem in Salvo Lite and AVR Studio

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 2:16 am
by MaxMax1
First I created the project in Programmers Notepad. Made a new Hex file and flashed it in the AVR. Then I cleaned the project with the clean function. (not a new installation). Then I used again the AVRStudio (no second build in the Prog.Notepad, because it also doesn't work)
I wrote into the salvocfg.h OSTARGET=OSAVR and OSCOMPILER=OSGCC but I got some errormessages, so I removed it.
After a new build, it worked.
I had a smaller problem before:
The timer init was packed in the makro init() in main.h. Sometimes it doesn't work always. So I made all this timer init directly in main.c and problem was solved.