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Checking Binary and ordinary semaphores if signaled

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Checking Binary and ordinary semaphores if signaled

Postby luben » Sat Jun 02, 2001 6:32 am


In previous topics we talked about how to check in SALVO 2.1 are messages signalled:


(if ( ecbP->event )
/* message has been signaled */;
/* message hasn't been signaled */;

and if message queue filled:


msgQCount = ecbP->event.mqcbP->count;

I think that to be copmplete we should talk about how to check are BinSemaphores signalled or not and how to read the value of the ordinary semaphores.
Because I already read the manual of the new SALVO2.2 and I saw that in the new version everything is made clear and elegant, but in the old SALVO2.1 (that's still the latest official verison) such topics are not menshened in the manual at all. From other side the "old" SALVO is one excellent product and even without the new ideas from SALVO2.2 it's very powerful software.
That's why will be good to complete the discussion about how to check events are they signalled or not.


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Re: Checking Binary and ordinary semaphores if signaled

Postby aek » Sun Jun 03, 2001 8:44 am

Salvo v2.2 is on the verge of release and includes the ability to check all events. Rather than cover this issue in v2.1, please hold on just a little longer ...

v2.2 release of Salvo Lite (the freeware version) and Salvo is scheduled for Thursday, June 7.


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