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Is it possible to start OS_Delay() task

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Is it possible to start OS_Delay() task

Postby luben » Thu Jan 11, 2001 8:33 am


Just wondering is it possible to start a task that in delayed. I mean, if I change my mind and want to run it again, before the delay expired. Is there some tecnique to "speed" the delay and to return faster the control to the delayed task. I know that this is not "clear" and not Salvo's style, but sometimes it's needed (like GOTO instruction in C)


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Re: Is it possible to start OS_Delay() task

Postby aek » Thu Jan 11, 2001 9:58 am

Not in v2.1.

In v2.2, you can stop the task first with OSStopTask() and then (re-)start it with OSStartTask(). We're testing that right now ... seems to work nicely.

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