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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2000 7:51 am
by luben

Just for curiosity I'm asking what is the way to compile the libraries. If one day I become owner of the full version I should meet this problem. In the manual there is no one word about this, or more exactly - few words.

What I see is that it's impossible to do such thing in MPLAB (compile to LIB). I have HiTech C and I should go in DOS window and then should make the project.

In the manual I saw a big list of files, that are the real source of Salvo (page 267)and unfortunately don't exist in demo :-( So, the compiling of the library should include all these files, right? Just asking, because in the manual there is no one item, explaing how to do this. And I should set the cofiguration in the salvocfg.h file.


Re: Libraries

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2000 11:18 am
by Salvo Tech Support
Hi Luben.

Salvo (freeware) libraries are currently compiled in HPDPIC. We will include the .prj (HPDPIC project) files for the freeware libraries in the full version of v2.2 for those users who would like an example of how to compile libraries.

As mentioned in the User Manual's tutorial chapter, building and using libraries is only recommended for advanced users and only in certain circumstances.

We try to steer users of the full version away from building libraries. That's because
it's very easy to change salvocfg.h, recompile your project and forget to rebuild the Salvo library you're linking to. That can lead to very subtle errors.

In-house at Pumpkin, e.g. on a 450MHz P-III, it takes less than 20 seconds to build a complete Salvo application with all source files listed as nodes in the application, i.e. without any Salvo libraries. This is true for both MPLAB and HPDPIC projects. We prefer this method (re-compiling all Salvo source code each time) because it guarantees that all the *.c files are compiled with the same salvocfg.h.