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Using HI-TECH Demo Compilers with Salvo?

For issues specific to Microchip's PICmicro® MCUs, including compilers (e.g. HI-TECH PICC & PICC-18, Microchip MPLAB®-C18) and IDEs (e.g. Microchip MPLAB®).

Using HI-TECH Demo Compilers with Salvo?

Postby Salvo Tech Support » Wed Jul 10, 2002 10:50 am

Several prospective customers have encountered problems when trying to compile Salvo projects with the HI-TECH PICC and PICC-18 demo compilers.

These problems occur because the demo versions do not support the -I (set include path) and -d (setsymbol) command-line options. As a result, the compiler cannot find salvo.h and salvocfg.h, and does not have the proper symbols defined for building the projects (e.g. demo, tutorial) that come with Salvo.


1) Copy salvoinc*.* HT-PICinclude.

2) Copy the project's salvocfg.h to HT-PICinclude.

3) If you are building a project that's supplied with Salvo (e.g. salvodemod4sysad4free.pjt), you'll need to figure out which symbols are used in the project. You can do this by looking at the properties of each source (*.c) node in the project. For example, for the d4free project, SYSA and MAKE_WITH_FREE_LIB must be defined. So, you'll need to add

#define SYSA

at the very beginning of salvodemod4main.c and salvodemod4isr.c.

With these changes, your projects should compile correctly without error when using the demo versions of PICC or PICC-18.

We will create an App Note that covers this issue in greater detail as soon as possible.

Salvo Technical Support
Please request all tech support through the Forums.

Salvo Technical Support
Please request all tech support through the Forums.
Salvo Tech Support
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