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Build problems with PICC v8.00

For issues specific to Microchip's PICmicro® MCUs, including compilers (e.g. HI-TECH PICC & PICC-18, Microchip MPLAB®-C18) and IDEs (e.g. Microchip MPLAB®).

Build problems with PICC v8.00

Postby Salvo Tech Support » Wed Apr 10, 2002 9:07 am

Another problem our users are encountering with v8.00PL1 is that projects like salvodemod4 will no longer compile due to an error when compiling main.c involving the unknown symbol FOSC0:

Compiling main.c:
-E -16F877 -C -ISALVODEMOD4SYSH -Isalvoinc -DSYSH salvodemod4main.c"
Error[000] C:WINDOWSTEMP\_3VVIED7.AAA 63 : undefined symbol FOSC0
Enter PICC -HELP for help

This is because v8.00 and later use a different argument scheme for the __CONFIG() macro than did v7.87PL2 and earlier. The solution is to either comment out the __CONFIG() line(s) in the project's header file for now, e.g.:

#elif defined(SYSH)

#include <pic.h>

/* __CONFIG(FOSC0 | UNPROTECT); temporary fix for PICC v8.00 */



#define ADCON0_INIT 0b01000101
#define ADCON1_INIT 0b00001110

#define PORTBIT(adr, bit) ((unsigned)(&adr)*8+(bit))
static bit keySW @ PORTBIT(PORTB, 0);


(and set the configuration options manually in MPLAB), or to change the __CONFIG() arguments to the appropriate ones for v8.00.

Once v8.00PL2 is released, we'll test it and release a new Salvo for PICmicro(R) MCUs distribution that (we hope) will be compatible with both old and new versions of the PICC compiler.

Salvo Technical Support
Please request all tech support through the Forums.

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Salvo Technical Support
Please request all tech support through the Forums.
Salvo Tech Support
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