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MPLAB with CubeSat Kit Set-Up

For issues specific to the PIC24 MCU and dsPIC DSC line of microcontrollers from Microchip, including compiler (e.g. MCC 30) and IDE (e.g. MPLAB) issues.

MPLAB with CubeSat Kit Set-Up

Postby KE5VBA » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:59 pm

I've been able to run the example code provided by pumpkin, but if I try to create a new Project even using the same files but in different locations I get error messages when I try to build. Unless I put everything all the files in the same folder as the project (at the same level) some of the header files can't be located, even though I added them to the project. If I place them all in one folder it seems that the IDE can't locate a bunch of Salvo header files, even if I add those to the project. Is there a certain way that you have to set up a new project so that all of the files can be located?
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Re: MPLAB with CubeSat Kit Set-Up

Postby Andrew » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:32 pm

1. Please do not "copy any files" from any of the Pumpkin code distributions to any other locations. This applies to Salvo, CSK software, Pumpkin Libraries, etc. When you copy a file, any upgrades are certain not to follow, and this will lead to serious problems later on. You can see from the software installed that Pumpkin software resides exclusively in the \Pumpkin tree. Also, when you uninstall Pumpkin software, it won't be able to uninstall files that you copied to other locations. We want to ensure that all our customers have a consistent picture of where files are, etc. so as to avoid errors and provide the best possible support.

2. Currently, we only support IDEs and compilers that allow linking to files, precisely for the reasons above. There are some IDEs (e.g. versions of Eclipse) that cannot / could not do this, and that is such a headache that we simply avoid them and do not support them.

3. What you have likely overlooked in the sample projects is the Project -> Build Options -> Project -> Directories -> Include Search Path settings. In there (in MPLAB), you will find the minimum and sufficient set of additional paths that must be defined to successfully compile an application that uses the various Pumpkin software offerings. These are the only extra settings to an MPLAB + C30 project that are required to get the project to build properly.*

IOW, the only thing you need to add to a project's settings to get it to compile -- once all the various header, source, library and e.g linker files are added to the project -- are the appropriate include paths used by the compiler. To successfully link, you must have added the right Pumpkin files to the project. For Salvo, for example, salvomem.c and a Salvo library are all that is often required.

Note that your project's salvocfg.h is not a Pumpkin file -- it's a file that belongs to your project. Therefore, your project's include paths must include it. A project's include paths also usually include all of the directories that the project-specific files live in, as well as directories that Pumpkin files live in (e.g. \Pumpkin\Salvo\inc).

* For projects that use the Pumpkin EFFS-THIN libraries, there are some extra preprocessor symbols required -- that's done in Project -> Build Options -> Project -> MPLAB C30 -> Preprocessor Macros.
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