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SB-15: Salvo: Source-Code Builds and OSIdlingHook()

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2003 1:19 am
by Salvo Tech Support
Applies To

Salvo v3.1.0 and earlier only in source-code builds. Library builds are unaffected.

Description of Problem

In a source-code build with OSENABLE_IDLING_HOOK set to FALSE (the default), interrupts will de disabled and never re-enabled in OSSched() as soon as there are no eligible tasks to run (e.g. they are all delayed).

This may manifest itself as an application that appears to start and then is "dead" immediately thereafter, even though the Salvo kernel appears to be running along happily. An inspection of such an application will show that interrupts are now globally disabled.

Suggested Workaround

In source-code builds only, set OSENABLE_IDLING_HOOK to TRUE and define a simple OSIdlingHook() function, e.g.

void OSIdlingHook ( void )

Fixed In


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