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SB-13: Salvo: Problems with p801 libraries and >64KB ROM

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SB-13: Salvo: Problems with p801 libraries and >64KB ROM

Postby Salvo Tech Support » Mon Oct 07, 2002 9:50 am

Applies To

Salvo v3.0.8-b and earlier.

Description of Problem

Salvo applications fail to run when built for ROMless PIC18 PICmicro(R) MCUs with > 64KB address space.

Suggested Workaround

Download salvo-le-pic-3.0.9-beta1-picc18libs.zip and install the libraries contained therein to your salvolib folder.

Also, read the readme.txt that accompanies the libraries.

Fixed In

Salvo v3.0.9 (release version).

Salvo Technical Support
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Salvo Tech Support
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