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SB-10: Salvo: Alternate Target Processors for Tutorials 1-6

PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2001 9:36 am
by Salvo Tech Support
Applies To

Salvo v2.2.1 and earlier.

Description of Problem

Running the Tutorial Program in the Tutorial chapter of the User Manual states that the compiled tutorial program (.hex file) will run on the PIC16C62/63/64/65/66/67/72/73/74/76/77/F877. This is incorrect – tu1.hex-tu6.hex are appropriate only for the 16C66/67/745/76/765/77/F76/F77/F876/F877.

Suggested Workaround

In order to run the tutorial programs tu1-tu6 on other PICmicro® devices, the library used must be appropriate for the PICmicro selected. For example, to run tu6 on a PIC16C63, remove the library sfp42Cab.lib from the tu6free.pjt MPLAB project and replace it with sfp411ab.lib, and recompile. The list of appropriate libraries appears in the Libraries chapter of the User Manual.

Fixed In

Salvo v3.0.0. The tutorial programs use TMR0 instead of TMR2, thus making it possible to recompile tu1-tu6 for any PIC16 PICmicro.

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