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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:16 am
by wxzhuhua
I think you forget to include a important file "portpicc.h" into your Lite version 3.1.0-c for PICmicro® MCUs.

It's useless at all without the file


Re: ???

PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2003 6:09 am
by Salvo Tech Support

Please uninstall and re-install Salvo Lite. portpicc.h is definitely included -- it's in salvoinc.

Be sure to do a "Typical" Install, and leave the chechbox for PICC selected (better yet, leave all of them selected in this test).


Volume in drive C has no label
Volume Serial Number is 398C-4ED7
Directory of C:salvoinc

. <DIR> 03-21-03 6:17a .
.. <DIR> 03-21-03 6:17a ..
SALVO H 106,952 10-28-02 9:29p salvo.h
SALVOLIB H 27,026 10-28-02 9:29p salvolib.h
SALVOLVL H 2,106 10-28-02 9:31p salvolvl.h
SALVOMCG H 20,877 10-28-02 9:29p salvomcg.h
SALVOPRG H 1,327 10-28-02 9:30p salvoprg.h
SALVOSCG H 3,093 10-28-02 9:29p salvoscg.h
PORTIA~1 H 4,231 10-28-02 9:30p portiar18.h
PORTPICC H 7,700 10-28-02 9:30p portpicc.h
PORTMCC H 4,767 10-28-02 9:30p portmcc.h
10 file(s) 178,079 bytes
2 dir(s) 2,035.15 MB free

It's always possible that there is a problem in our installer if you select some non-default values ... without any changes to the selections, portpicc.h will definitely be installed.

Salvo Technical Support
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