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Enquiry about SD card on Pumpkin Motherboard

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:33 am
by aek
We received this question regarding the use of the SD Card on the (old) FM430 and (new) Motherboard:
We are using Pumpkin Motherboard (MB) for our nanosatellite,
and the memory card supported is SD card.

So can you advise me:

1. Is SD card reliable to be used in satellites ? Is it space-proven ?

2. Whether the SD card holder on the MB can connect to the card well after the launch ?

3. What are the means we can use to secure the SD card ?

1. QbX1 & QbX2 both successfully used their SD Cards in their recent missions (launched Dec. 8. 2010). Everything related to the SD Card worked properly. The customer already had their own, full license (with source code) for CMX FFS (itself a licensed version of HCC-Embedded EFFS line of software), so it is essentially the same software as is included in the CubeSat Kit. See .

2. See 1. above. Once the FM430 or Motherboard is mounted to the CubeSat Kit Base Plate, the SD Card cannot unlock from its position. However, most users will prefer to add additional staking (e.g., via space-rated epoxy at the non-connector end of the SD Card, to the PCB) to further immobilize the SD Card.

3. The industrial-specification 2GB SD cards that flew on QbX1 & QbX2 is Pumpkin P/N 634-00456, and is now listed on the Pumpkin price list at ... celist.pdf .