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Installing CrossWorks for MSP430 on the eee PC

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 9:33 am
by aek
In case anyone is planning to use the eee PC w/Linux to run CrossWorks for MSP430 (a license from Rowley will be required), follow these steps (courtesy Paul @ Rowley) to get it running on the eee PC:
1. Download the TGZ file from the website. I stored the file on an external
SD card.
2. In the File Manager, right click the .tgz file and select Extract All...
(I think that's what it is).
3. When it asks for where to put it, direct it to /tmp. It will create
/tmp/msp430 as the directory.
4. From File Manager, start a Consolse (Ctrl+T)
5. Enter "cd /tmp/msp430"
6. Enter "./Setup"
7. Installation then proceeds as the Windows version.

By default it creates CrossWorks in the user/Rowley Associates Ltd

You can then clean out /tmp.

Run CrossStudio from the bin directory and you're away.

I downloaded the .tgz file directly to my eee PC desktop, and I also found that a reboot was necessary before CrossStudio would launch.

Given the small screen (800x480) of the eee PC, most users will probably want to hook up an external monitor to the eee PC when running CrossStudio.


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