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Connecting a FET to the CubeSat Kit's MSP430

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Connecting a FET to the CubeSat Kit's MSP430

Postby aek » Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:46 am

Some users have reported difficulty getting the Rowley IDE connected to the CubeSat Kit via the Flash Emulation Tool (FET) so that they can begin developing software. Here are some ideas:

1) You must install the TI drivers for the TI USB FET first. Follow http://www.pumpkininc.com/content/doc/appnote/an-35.pdf for instructions. Note: The TI drivers are no longer on the CD-ROM, but they are located on-line at http://www.cubesatkit.com/driver/thirdparty/fet/ti/TIUSBFET.zip .

2) Rowley's CrossWorks for MSP430 v1.4 is required for proper operation with TI's USB FET.

3) Both the CSK Development Board and the CSK FM430 must be externally powered when you connect to them via a FET. This is because the FET cannot supply enough power to run the extra circuitry on those boards correctly. Therefore connect an external power supply (5V at J1, or 6-24V at J3) prior to attempting to connect to the MSP430 target from within CrossWorks.

4) Sometimes you need to reset the processor to establish a connection -- use the Reset Switch SW3 on the Dev Board while attempting to connect.

5) It is sometimes useful to isolate the MSP430 from the rest of the CSK Development Board. When all else fails, remove the MSP430 daughterboard (the one with the Yamaichi socket on it) and connect just it to the FET. Then attempt to connect to the target in CrossWorks.

6) Lastly, make sure that the MSP430 is properly seated in the socket. There are three small circular simples on the LQFP-64 package -- two large ones and one small one. The small one denotes pin 1. Pin 1 is also marked on the silkscreen of the MSP430 daughterboard.


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