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3V/5V power supply issues

Discussions pertaining to the electrical issues (e.g. circuitry, power, etc.) of Pumpkin's CubeSat kit.

3V/5V power supply issues

Postby aek » Tue Nov 28, 2000 3:29 am

In reviewing our original choices for the on-board regulator (LM293X/4X series), it's apparent that we won't be able to deliver the 1A specified in the proposal. That's because these regulators, which are extremely durable and have low dropout (esp. LM2941), either can't deliver 3V out or don't have enough output current drive.

Therefore we're gravitating towards the LP2953 series, with its extremely low quiescent current, protection similar to the 293X/4X series, low dropout, and some other nice features, like tolerance of an active voltage source (e.g. a battery) on their outputs when unpowered.

Going with the LP2953 means that the total deliverable current will be 250mA, which in hindsight is probably adequate for many applications.

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Re: 3V/5V power supply issues

Postby luben » Sat Dec 23, 2000 8:49 am


Just felt accidentally to this topic. I have to see what is this stuff CubeSat.

But I want t o share my experience in power supplies. I was involved in one project for GSM answering machine (a module that manages the calls to mobile telephone).

So I had the problem - the mobile phone operates on 3V, consumes near 1 Amp, but in some cases the current jumps up to 10 and more Amps. When the phone has battery it can consume from there such giant value of current. But if this is power supply from the line. The solution was LM2596 - it's excellent part, can generate any voltages from 2 to 30V and pick current is extremely high.


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