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Technical Support Terms & Abuses

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Technical Support Terms & Abuses

Postby aek » Sat Jul 31, 2004 9:49 am

Recently there have been some instances of Salvo users abusing the terms of the Pumpkin's technical support for Salvo. Therefore it bears repeating here ...

Salvo priority technical support is provided to registered users of Pumpkin Salvo for a period of one year after their latest purchase / renewal.

Salvo support is provided on a per-user / single-seat license basis.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, and will do everything humanly possible to resolve any problems a registered user might be having with Salvo. Sometimes, we even provide support on issues that are not directly related to Salvo!

We provide technical support to unregistered Salvo users (e.g. those evaluating Salvo via Salvo Lite, or those who purchased Salvo through HI-TECH Software) as time permits. Usually, this means within a 24-hour period. And often it's much, much faster!

The rebranding relationship we have with HI-TECH Software dictates that HI-TECH Salvo users receive technical support directly from HI-TECH Software, and not from Pumpkin.

Users who repeatedly ignore these terms may be ignored and/or blocked.


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