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PICC/PICC-18 Users, MPLAB and Watch Windows

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2004 9:15 am
by aek
Good News!

Salvo PICC and PICC-18 users may have noticed that it's not possible to watch any of Salvo's global variables (e.g. the task control blocks in OStcbArea[]) in MPLAB when doing a library build.

This is odd, as MPLAB-C18 users can see them in library and source-code builds.

Anyway, a quick discussion with Matt @ HI-TECH has revealed a solution -- just add some code, e.g.:

void dummy(void){}

to Salvo's mem.c, rebuild, and voila! Now you can watch Salvo's global variables.

We'll be modifying mem.c for future release so that it automatically circumvents this PICC/PICC-18 limitation. Eventually, HI-TECH will alter the linker (?) to remove this requirement.