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Using tut5

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:52 am
by schmitta
Hi I am trying to use tut5 for my own use to be a starting point for my project. Maybe I should not use tut5? Would another example file be better as tut5 is locked? My target is P89LPC932A1 an 8051 derivative. I am trying to use a binary semiphore; two tasks : one that waits on the semiphore, then toggels a LED, and one that times out and then triggers the semiphore task; and a timer ISR set for 10ms. I have:
1) copied tut5 to "my tut5"
2) isr.c and main.c are locked. How do I unlock them?
3) tut5 looks general. How do I target it to an 8051?
4) I need to use a timer isr (the one above?)I can get code architect (Philips) to generate code for timer 0. Should I disable timer interrupts before the call to <OSTimer()> and then after the call reenable interrupts?
5) I will probably need watchdog timer. Should I name the watchdog feed routine with one of your os hooks?
6) I probably should do more searching before presenting questions to you. Thank you for your help. Alvin....

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Re: Using tut5

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:34 am
by aek
2) Use File -> Properties in Windows to disable the read-only attribute of those files.

3) Salvo is an instruction-set RTOS. That means tat Salvo for 8051 runs on every 8051, regardless of manufacturer. The chip-specific stuff (e.g. writing to an I/O port or using a UART) is entirely up to you ...

4) No. Use the code architect to generate setup code for timer 0, and an ISR. Call the setup code once, and call OSTimer() from inside the ISR. By default, Salvo v3 for 8051 will disable global interrupts during its critical sections, and this is completely compatible with calling OSTimer() from the timer 0 ISR.

5) Yes, that's fine.

Be sure to read the User Manual and the Compiler Refernce Manual .


Re: Using tut5

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