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Additional SERVICES to SALVO

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Additional SERVICES to SALVO

Postby luben » Sun Apr 07, 2002 6:39 am


I think that the idea to add some real time functions (it's a set of functions to read real time, to set some events in real time, etc.) is only the beginning of one new area in SALVO - additional functions. Something like the functions in HiTech : COS, SIN, etc. I mean, they will be not a part of the kernel and could be added to SALVO only if the user wishes (this will reduce the code) with some #include or #define.

This is the area of many useful function, that are extremely convenient in some cases, but in fact not used often. PWM, seril In/Out.. etc. They should not stay only like exemples in the application notes, will be great is the user can add them easy by just setting some #define, or #include.

My wife is working with Finale (www.codamusic.com)- musical program for music note publishing. It has main functions, which are enough to make everything. But some actions are better to be done with special "plug-ins" - something between script and program. Some of these plugins are payfree (not very powerful, like to count accidentals, notes, etc.) other are extremely powerful, makeing possible to save a lot of time.. but not payfree. Even there is a site where you can offer your own plugins and sell them.

For sure from one moment SALVO will need some new approach to satisfy as more as possible users for all their caprises and needs. I think that this is ADDITIONAL SERVICES area and let the OSRealTime() and OSRS232IN/OUT(), OSLCD() are one of the first of them. This could be even ready for use tested tasks, that the user just activate or copy/paste. For sure these tasks have to cover many requirments, to be moveable, bugfree, extremely compact, mnemonic friendly, etc.

This will save SALVO kernel small, fast and tight, but from other side will satisfy many other needs.

I agree that all this function are possible to be made right now, even with SALVO 2.0. Like SIN() is possible to be written with C by yourself. But just tell me - will you prefere to use build-in function or to write and TEST your own one? I'm afraid that in not so many cases the user will prefere to create own functions, if the same already exists.


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