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MPLAB SALVO variables scope

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2002 9:02 am
by luben

When I debug projects into MPLAB and I stop the program somewhere it's good to know the status of SALVO like:
- which tasks are waiting
- which events - signalled
... and so on.

I mean, will be great to know the SALVO status in details. I know that there is build in feature to support this, but it's too heavy approach and if the project is near to the end usually no memory exists.

Is it not possible to make some #define, using of union/structures or other C tricks somewhere in SALVO, so I can get the variables of SALVO directly in the WATCH window of MPLAB.

For example: Somewhere in SALVO you make these tricks and after that I add in my WATCH window variables like :



Of course after I get the value I have to interpretate the results.

I know that variables in SALVO have complicated structure and it's almost impossible to get their value directly in WATCH window. My idea is to make some "friendly" names of the variables, so I can access them easyly.

In fact when I stop the program somewhere I can only suppose what's the status of SALVO variables. One such addition to SALVO will make easier the debugging of the programs.

Bets Regards

Re: MPLAB SALVO variables scope

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2002 9:47 am
by aek
Hi Luben.

Let's wait and see what MPLAB-6.0 looks like. This may be easier to support in 6.0 than in pre-6.0.

In some other IDEs (e.g. Keil and Metrowerks), a DLL can be written to look at a symbol file and extract the necessary information. Don't know if this will be available in MPLAB v6.