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Tutorials for (Salvo Pro+ RA CrossStudio for MSP430 v2.0)

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Tutorials for (Salvo Pro+ RA CrossStudio for MSP430 v2.0)

Postby krishna_csswe » Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:12 pm


I am currently using the Salvo Pro version and the Rowley Associates CrossStudio for MSP430 2.0. And, I am using the MSP430F2618 processor(PPM A3). I could not find any tutorials listed in the following path for Rowley Associates CrossStudio:
$Source: C:\\RCS\\D\\Pumpkin\\Salvo\\Example\\MSP430\\MSP430x1xx\\TI\040MSP-TS430PM64\\Tut\\Tut5\\tut5.c,v $

However, there is a tutorial present for Rowley Associates CrossStudio in at this path:
c$Source: C:\\RCS\\D\\Pumpkin\\Salvo\\Example\\MSP430\\MSP430x1xx\\TI\040MSP-TS430PM64\\Tut\\Tut5\\tut5.c,v $

Could you tell me if there are any tutorials in addition to the tut5 present in the path "c$Source::\\RCS\\D\\Pumpkin\\Salvo\\Example\\MSP430\\MSP430x1xx\\TI\040MSP-TS430PM64\\Tut\\Tut5\\tut5.c,v $"

Also, as far as I know, the MSP430f2618 belongs to the MSP430x series of processors. (Hence, I had choosen the 2nd path).

In any case, all I need to find are tutorials for the Salvo Pro version which are complied for the MSP430f2618 (or similar processors) using Rowley Associates CrossStudio 2.0.

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