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ICCAVR v8 MISRA errors on freeware salvo

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ICCAVR v8 MISRA errors on freeware salvo

Postby jccordill » Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:50 am

Using the new Imagecraft c compiler, v8.02.2, I'm getting MISRA compiler errors on Salvo OS calls. Since I'm using the freeware or tiny versions of the library and don't have access to the source code, this may be some thing in a macro, I'm not sure. The code works so it's not a show stopper. I've managed to clean up all other references to misra errors but these. -Jim

ex./ C:\DOCUME~1\Desk..... test.c|36|[warning] [MISRA 2360]bitwise operator in conditional expression|

code snippet:
ClrBit(PORTD, Solanoid); //solanoid denergized
PCMSK2 = 0x74; //enable breath det
OS_WaitBinSem(BINSEM_BREATH_DET_P,100); <-- line generating MISRA error above
if (!OSTimedOut()) //
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Re: ICCAVR v8 MISRA errors on freeware salvo

Postby aek » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:55 am

Hi Jim.

Yes, there are some items that MISRA doesn't like.

Please email me and I'll send you the MISRA compliance matrix of Salvo v3.
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