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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2002 2:16 am
by luben

When I'm using both MEssages and BinSemaphores and I signal OSBinSem from main level, but Messages from ISR level (OSCALL_EVENTS = OSFROM_ANYWHERE) I get error message that the function OSSignalBinSem is not called from right level. SALVO 3.0 doesn't have separate settings for different event services, so if one of the services is called from main level and other from ISR you should set (OSCALL_EVENTS = OSFROM_ANYWHERE).

Well, the solution that I got is very simple - just put something like that in ISR

if (FALSE)

The Hitech compiler understands that this si impossible case and dont' add any code for this, but the linker doesn't give error messages.

My question is - is it the only one way to this (I exlude possibility to change the source of SALVO like bad style of programming approach). I don't say that this is a disadvantage, maybe it's not good described in SALVO manual and for people without experience it could be damn dificult to fix such "errors".


Re: OSCALL_EVENTS problems

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2002 8:42 am
by Salvo Tech Support
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