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task_stack functions

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task_stack functions

Postby zoomcityzoom » Wed Feb 15, 2006 12:09 pm

I've created a set of task stack functions -


that have turned out to be very useful. For example, they provide the capability to "call" a task from the current task and then return.

We don't seem to have a way to attach files to posts, so if you would like more info, feel free to contact me at zoomcityzoom@gmail.com

Salvo has completely changed my approach to programming on a small micro! Yes, for the better. Also, using my elisp functions (emacs) to autonumber (and renumber) labels has taken the drudgery out of writing for Salvo and lets me focus on the problem at hand. If you don't use emacs, figure out a way to automate label numbering in your editor!


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