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Issue using OSDelay with OSWaitEFlag()

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Issue using OSDelay with OSWaitEFlag()

Postby gcarrelli » Thu May 24, 2007 10:06 am

I have changed my code from using OS_WaitBinSen to OS_WaitEFlag. I have now run in to a problem that causes a WDT reset due to a Stack corruption or system crash.

The problem occurrs if I use OSDelay () in a Task where I have waited for an EFlag. This problem did not happen when I used OSWait_BinSem.

It works for about 5 times through before crashing (the EFlag can be set about 5 times)
See Following code:

Task_X ()
for ( ; ; )
OS_Delay ( 100, Task_X1 );

void ISR (void)
OSSetEFlag ( EFLAG_PF, 0x01 );


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