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Salvo v3.1 Now Available

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Salvo v3.1 Now Available

Postby aek » Wed Oct 23, 2002 3:11 am

Salvo v3.1 is now available for most targets. (The 8051 distribution will be available as soon as we sort out some trouble we're having while generating the libraries.)

There isn't too much new in v3.1's core code -- just OStypeTS, OSMsgQCount(), and a new set of libraries for PICC-18 that covers all PIC18 PICmicro(R) variants, past, current and future. A variety of enhancements are planned for v3.1.x, so don't despair, things like cyclic counters and better event flags are on the horizon.

V3.1's installer is new, and makes it easier for Salvo resellers to sell standard (LE and Pro) and custom versions of Salvo. If you are an existing Salvo user, please fully uninstall Salvo before updating to v3.1.


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