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Salvo + ICCAVR v7

For issues specific to Atmel's AVR and MegaAVR microcontrollers, including Atmel AVRStudio and ImageCraft's ICCAVR C compiler.

Salvo + ICCAVR v7

Postby aek » Thu Jun 15, 2006 12:35 am

Part of the ICCAVR 7 release makes libraries built with the earlier version of the compiler incompatible with ICCAVR v7.

If you are using ICCAVR v7 and your are getting link-time errors like this one:

!ERROR file 'inittask.o': undefined symbol 'push_gset1'

then you need to upgrade your Salvo libraries to the ones in the -f.zip patch file in the Salvo for AVR download area. These libraries were built using ICCAVR v7.06A and will link correctly.

Also, note that if you are using a project that was created with an earlier version of ICCAVR, be sure to remove any instances of Librray Paths (under Project -> Options -> Paths) that point to c:icclib and replace them with c:iccv7avrlib. This will guarantee that all libraries pulled in by the linker are in for ICCAVR v7 format.


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