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RISK (reduce instruction) SALVO

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RISK (reduce instruction) SALVO

Postby luben » Tue Apr 23, 2002 7:26 am


I saw that when expaining to somebody what's SALVO it's even hard to mention how many things it can make. So, I understand people how they feel when they meet SALVO for first time - taugh and sad.

I think that for you will be not big deal to make something very simple - just one RTOS with only OSTimer() and OS_Yield(), OS_Delay(),, or even without delays and priorities. Just simple multitasking. For one beginner in multitasking it's OK - easy to learn, cheaper, smaller, faster. My idea is - to offer to the beginners something very, very simple - just multitasking, with extremely fast and small kernel - SALVO RISK. It could have or not time related features, it even could not support prioritis.... that's why is called RISK. But will change the style of everyone, because multitasking, even the simpliest multitasking brings just "new dimension" to everything.

RISK will remove all complicated settings in salvocfg.h. My vision is - include one single file, do some simple #define - and finish. I know, that after I use every day the power of SALVO, I'll never take a look at such version, but for somebody who is beginner - this will be revelation. And the period for starting of using perfectly SALVO could be reduced to couple of days, not months.

And if this RISK is so simple, you can even offer it like compiled kernel, or HEX code, or library.

The seed of the multitasking is not exactly all these lovely functions, event flags, convenient timeouts, etc, but just the possibility that you can run simultaneously several tasks at once. This is the seed, the most important feuture that you offer to customers, all other things are just decoration, additions to this basic idea. Remove the seed and SALVO will be useless. SO - why not to offer pure seeds?

You just simply run TASK1, TASK2.... nothing more. The user can make some primitive intertask communication using the variables in the RAM. Well, if possible - the Timer and delays are OK.... maybe they have to be included into RISK set instructions.

Best regards

[This message has been edited by luben (edited April 23, 2002).]

[This message has been edited by luben (edited April 23, 2002).]

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Re: RISK (reduce instruction) SALVO

Postby aek » Wed Apr 24, 2002 9:23 am

Hi Luben.

Our idea of a Salvo RISC is to use Salvo Lite with an a-configuration library. The salvocfg.h then only needs a very few entries (3-5) and it's always the same.

We plan to add some more templates to the salvo plt directories. These are really simple templates (like three tasks multitasking) that the user can modify to get started.


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