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Have an idea on how to make Salvo better? Post it here!


Postby luben » Sun Nov 18, 2001 9:26 am


I already made the EFlag to support OSNOT_EQUAL option and if you ask me it's more useful then OS_ALL, OS_ANY - because you can wake the task on the change of the EFlag and then you can take desision. Well, I agree that every option needs additional memory and if it's not used from the more of the users this will make SALVO havier.

So maybe you should add something like
#define OSCALL_EFLAGS_OPTION in salvocfg.h and from there to tell the compiler which options will be used from the user (which part of the EFlags to include in the project). SO, you can cover all possible and sometimes very useful options.

I think that this is the solution of the problem - from one side it's good to have all possible options for EFlags, from other side you want compact code, so the user can chose which options will use and which not.

Because SALVO2.3 is on the way, maybe this is isuue for the SALVO2.4.


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