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Need some guidance (MSP430)

If you're having difficulty with Salvo's configuration options, post it here.

Need some guidance (MSP430)

Postby poken1151 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:34 pm

I just took up this project and am havving immense problems trying to go through all the documentation in a coherent way.

I just need to have Salvo integrated with Rowley's CrossStudio 2.x so for MSP430F1612 that I can begin coding and working on this Pumpkin Development Board. Problem is that all the documentation leads me in circles in trying to integrate these libraries and salvo codes into CrossStudio. I have gone through much of the Rowely online docs (including the short tutorial), but it, nor the Salvo docs, are too helpful on mixing the two and communicating with the board.

Is there a kind of general tutorial or guide that can help me get this up and running, in terms of coding for the board with Salvo's library and such.

[ I am on a 30 Day trial of Rowley's software,
Salvo Lite,
the development board is set up and functioning,
I just cant get Salvo up right, nor code for it. ]
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