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Samtec 2x26 Connector Pin Length Question

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Samtec 2x26 Connector Pin Length Question

Postby jepost » Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:18 am

I obtained the Samtec stackable 2x26 connectors (Samtec SSQ-126-22-G-D) you specified at http://www.cubesatkit.com/content/design.html However, the pins in the connector I received are shorter than those provided with the connector in the Protoboard Kit (711 - 00303). It doesn't appear to me that the pin length remaining after insertion into my PCB will make a reliable connection into the next connector. Can you help?


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Re: Samtec 2x26 Connector Pin Length Question

Postby Andrew » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:00 am

Please refer to page 17 of the Motherboard Rev E datasheet (http://www.cubesatkit.com/docs/datashee ... 0484-E.pdf) for an overview of the connectors used, and their applications.

The SSQ-126-22-G-D is a 10mm bus extension. You use it only in conjunction with modules that stack at an inter-board height of 24 or 25mm, not the usual 15.24mm (0.600").

The ESQ-126-37-G-D is found, for example, on the Motherboard and on the Dev Board.

The ESQ-126-39-G-D is found in the Protoboard Kit and on just about every CubeSat Kit-compatible module.

All can be sampled from Samtec.
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