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Structure design

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Structure design

Postby sf7 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:34 pm

Hi there,

I am an MEng student at the University of Leeds and am part of a group designing a Cubesat, supervised by EADS (Airbus Defence and Space) European Space Agency. We are designing with some off the shelf components from cubest kit (referenced of course). I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind advising me on design.
Currently, I am trying to optimise a cubesat to withstand launch, but it will only be optimised for the direction it is launched in. So, my questions are how did the 'X' shape for each chassis plate come about? Was it optimised? And also, what is the need for cover plates and base plates i.e can you not just attach solar panels to the chassis ribs?

Also, in order for me to optimise I need to know where subsystems and payloads are attached and where. Are the subsystem circuit boards glued to the connectors and how do the connectors work in the stacking bus i.e. are they just there for support or do they attach the wires between the subsystems? Lastly, are the circuit boards themselves attached the to chassis or are the top and bottom ends of the connectors screwed or glued to the top and bottom plates respectively?

I know that's alot of questions but we're not allowed to contact our industrial links, as it is a project set by them to assess us. Any help will be very much appreciated and acknowledged in the final report, unless requested otherwise.

Kind regards

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Re: Structure design

Postby aek » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:10 pm

In order:

The cutouts design was driven by the requirement to handle three C&DH (i.e. CSK MB) locations compatible with the cutouts on the P-POD, and to also accommodate three full sets of Midplane Standoff countersunk mounting holes, and then finally to lighten the chassis considerably. You can do your own analysis (FEA, whatever) using the models we provide. http://cubesatkit.com/content/design.html

The Cover and Base Plates have many more purposes ... I'll let you figure that out. Hint: Cover Plate Assembly, etc.

Please Google the PC/104 and PC/104 plus specification to get a better idea of how that class of connector works. The only wires required in a typical CubeSat Kit (CSK)-based CubeSat are for the Separation and Remove-Before-Flight switches ... everything else goes over the PC/104-class connectors.

No glue is used in the CubeSat Kit.

The Base Plate Assembly has four captive M3 fasteners into which the four M3 threaded SS rods are screwed. Then module by module, the module is installed, and four Al spacers are used to separate said module from the next one. The rods can be tied to the structure via the Midplane Standoffs, thus making an extremely light and rigid boxed structure. http://cubesatkit.com/docs/datasheet/DS ... 0331-B.pdf

The CubeSat Kit has easily withstood the vibe of the Altas V aft bulkhead carrier (ABC) launch environment, in a P-POD.

Good luck.
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