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Postby Unregistered User » Fri Sep 27, 2002 9:07 am

I am a consultant and develop products for many different customers. How does your license agreement apply in my situation: do I need to buy a copy of the software for each customer?
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Re: License

Postby aek » Fri Sep 27, 2002 9:14 am


Since lately this question has come up quite often, I thought I'd answer it here.

Whoever purchases Salvo has the rights to use Salvo under the terms of the license. Let's assume you purchase it and create Salvo applications for customers.

If your customer(s) do not also purchase Salvo, then you are free to provide them with:

i) project-specific source code
ii) executables (hex files)

but you cannot give them any Salvo stuff, like

iii) Salvo source files
iv) Salvo libraries

So, assuming you follow a common consultancy agreement where you deliver executables (hex files) to them, and maybe even source files, they will not be able to build your application until they also purchase Salvo.

We see the "customers" purchasing Salvo in two common scenarios:

1) The project is completed, and the customer has or buys the project's source code from the consultant and wants to do it all in-house.

2) As a matter of policy the customer always gets the consultant's source code as per the contract between them. They also purchase Salvo so that they have all the code that's required to build the application.

Note that in 1) and 2) above, the customer will also have to purchase the compiler that the consultant used in order to build the application. So, to a degree, Salvo is like compilers in terms of licensing -- as long as you own Salvo, you have the right to use the Salvo files & libraries.

All of this is spelled out (reasonably well, I hope) in the Salvo Licensing Agreement.


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Re: License

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