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Salvo on RD89C51 w LCD/TCP/IP support

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Salvo on RD89C51 w LCD/TCP/IP support

Postby ahusain » Wed May 30, 2007 5:41 am

We have a 8051 based handheld system interfaced with the LGM1264BS1R monochrome LCD (128x64). The system has a keypad, an MMC card and a serial port. We have implemented our own application code but need to migrate to an OS that will save us the effort of developing drivers for additional devices, such as wifi (tcp/ip stack) etc.

We would like to inquire if Salvo will support the LCD referenced above, as well as other features, such as MMC interface, serial port, TCP/IP stack. Is there an 8051 based reference design with LCD/keypad/MMC/Ethernet that you could point us to which would help us evaluate Salvo in this configuration?


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Re: Salvo on RD89C51 w LCD/TCP/IP support

Postby aek » Thu May 31, 2007 7:31 am

Salvo is an instruction-set RTOS, therefore Salvo for 8051 supports _every_ 8051 variant.

We and our customers have used Salvo with TCP/IP (uIP) and a flash file system (EFFS-THIN) on various processors. Keypads are trivial and e.g. AN-6 shows a simple key debounce scheme for a keypad. There's an example in the Salvo user manual on page 253 showing some interaction with an LCD (search the manual for "LCD" for more aspects of LCD control). However, we do not have a complete example for the 8051 that brings all three of these aspects together.

I would suggest that you evaluate Salvo Lite for 8051 with Keil's Cx51 compiler and those elements (LCD, keypad, etc.) to get a feel for how it will perform in your application.


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Re: Salvo on RD89C51 w LCD/TCP/IP support

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