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Salvo tiny for ICCAVR, ICC430 and ICC11

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Salvo tiny for ICCAVR, ICC430 and ICC11

Postby aek » Sun Aug 17, 2003 12:49 am

The current Salvo release (v3.2.2) was created before the new ICC Salvo Configurator, which is appearing now in ICCAVR, ICC430 and ICC11.

Until the next Salvo release, Salvo tiny + ICC users should observe the following:

1) All of the Salvo tutorial and example projects will work fine, with the Salvo Configurator set to "Do Not Use Salvo RTOS." This way, the existing salvocfg.h will not be overwritten by ICC's Salvo Configurator.

2) When creating a new project, we recommend that the users start from scratch and use the Salvo Configurator. It will create the right salvocfg.h for any Salvo distribution (Lite, tiny, SE, LE, or Pro library build).

3) For Salvo Pro source-code builds, use ICC's Salvo Configurator, and add the necessary / desired configuration options in the Salvo Configurator window.


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