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makefile / PICC compiler options

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makefile / PICC compiler options

Postby DHenry » Mon Aug 06, 2001 3:56 am

I recently acquired the full source version of Salvo for PICC and discovered that library makefiles weren't included. Not that this is necessarily a problem, mind you, since I don't know that I'd rebuild the libraries until HTSOFT updates PICC past V7.87pl2. I was just expecting makefiles to come with the source like they do with PICC.

Anyway, I see some compiler option settings in the tutorial project files that specify -Zg5. I realize that the PICC manual states that there is little benefit to using anything above 3, but I'm in the habit of compiling my code at optimization level 9 and would likely have used that optimization level when compiling Salvo source separately.

Is there anything wrong with using level 9 when compiling Salvo, or have you experienced instability at that level, so backed it down to 5 for Salvo?


--Dan Henry

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Re: makefile / PICC compiler options

Postby Salvo Tech Support » Mon Aug 06, 2001 8:12 am

Hi Dan.

Welcome to the User Forums, and thank you for purchasing Salvo.

The library makefile will be included in the next release (v2.3.0). Until it's released, here's what the PICC command line option in the makefile looks like:

PICC_OPTS  = -q -$(CHIP) -O -Zg5 -E+lib.err -C -Ll -DG $(T1) $(C1) $(V1) -Isalvoinclude -I$(LIB)

where $(T1) $(C1) and $(V1) (type, configuration and variant, respectively) are defined symbols used in salvolib.h and -DG indicates that a library is being generated. As you can see, it's a pretty standard set of PICC command-line options.

We don't use -Zg9 simply because we never saw any benefit in level 9 over level 5. We may generate the v2.3.0 libraries with -Zg9 to address this issue.


Salvo Technical Support
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Salvo Technical Support
Please request all tech support through the Forums.
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